How to Switch Back to the Older Version of Yahoo Mail?

Switch Back to the Older Version of Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Mail made some big changes to the email interface and allows its users to enjoy the full-fledge updated version of the service. And the good part is all the Mail Plus features don’t charge your pocket as it is free of cost. But, there are some instances when you lost the internet connection due to weather interference or other conditions. At that time switching back to Yahoo! Mail Classic version might be a smart move because the basic version doesn’t load the newer menu items on your PC. If you are facing the same situation and your desktop web browsers can’t able to load the service follow the below-mentioning guidebook to change the setup of New Yahoo Mail with the Classic one.

Steps to Change Yahoo! Mail to Basic Version

  • To begin with open the web browser (such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Aloha, etc) in your computer display and type com to open the application.
  • Once the application screen is open, tap on the Mail icon on your application menu screen. Now, enter your email address and click on ‘Next’
  • In the next screen, type your Yahoo! Mail password in the prompted field and complete the login process.
  • After this, move your mouse cursor and click the Gear like icon (Menu Bar) accessible on the far upper-right side of the page and explore Settings.
  • Tap on Settings from the menu bar and select the Switch to classic Mail option, presented to the bottom side of the window that appears.
  • After completion of the above-mentioning steps, a pop-up window will appear on the computer display, and you have to click on Switch Back to Classic Mail which will be highlighted in the blue box.

The Yahoo web page will take a moment to refresh your page and enable you to access the Classic version of Yahoo! Mail. If you wish to switch back to the newer version again, follow these easy steps noted below.

Steps to Get Back to the Yahoo! New Version

If you want to access more advanced features such as personalized themes for Yahoo accounts, inline image attachments, Yahoo Messenger, Filters then the new version is for you. Whenever you find your internet connection is slow, use the classic version and if you don’t find any issue with the internet, go with the newer one. If that option interests you, pursue these steps:

Note: In order to access the Yahoo! New version, make sure that you are using the Classic version of Yahoo Mail.

  • Open your Yahoo Mail simply by tapping your Mail icon mentioned on the upper-right corner in your PC screen.
  • In the next step, you will see the option stating Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail, presented in the upper-right side on the Yahoo Mail screen.
  • After this, click on the Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail link, and the advance version of Yahoo Mail is in your display.

And this is how you can switch between the New and Classic Versions of Yahoo! Mail for more queries you may contact Yahoo 24×7 helpline.

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