How To Recover Deleted, Lost, Or Missing Yahoo Emails?

When you delete an email in your Yahoo Mail account, it gets moved to the Trash Folder (Deleted Items) of your email account. As emails in the Trash Folder are kept for 7 days before getting automatically removed, you can retrieve them easily. However, if you moved an email to a certain folder and you don’t remember it, Yahoo Mail provides the search option to locate such emails. While these options help you most of the time to find deleted or missing emails, if you can’t find any important emails that have been deleted or gone missing in the last 7 days, you can also consider submitting a restore request to Yahoo Mail. To know about these different methods of recovering deleted, lost, or Missing Yahoo emails, you can follow the detailed guide provided below.

Ways to Recover Deleted, Lost, or Missing Yahoo Emails

To Recover Deleted Emails from Trash Folder

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account on a computer browser.
  • Next, click or tap on the Deleted Items option located in the left-hand side panel.
  • In the Deleted Items section, right-click on the deleted email and select the Restore to inbox option from the menu that appears on your screen.
  • In case of recovering multiple emails from the Deleted Items section, select the deleted emails and then click or tap on the Restore to inbox option located in the top menu section.
  • You can then find the deleted email in the Inbox folder.
  • To Find Missing Emails Using the Search Option

  • In your Yahoo Mail account, go to the search field located in the top section and enter the keyword related to the missing email you are looking for.
  • After entering the keyword, press the Enter key and wait for the search result to appear on your screen.
  • From the search result, select the missing email and click or tap on the Move option located at the top section.
  • Then, from the expanded menu, select the desired folder where you wish to move the folder. The email will be moved to the selected folder right away. Alternatively, you can click or tap on the Create new folder option in the expanded menu and move the email to this folder.
  • To Recover Lost or Delete Emails by Submitting a Restore Request

    By submitting the Restore Request to Yahoo Mail, you can try recovering emails that have been deleted or gone missing in the last 7 days. However, the success of recovering emails is subject to the following conditions.

    Things to Keep in Mind

  • Once submitted, you will not be able to cancel the restore request.
  • Restorations of lost or deleted emails are not always successful.
  • Yahoo Mail will only try to restore emails that have been removed or lost in the last 7 days, no matter the time they were actually received.
  • Emails that would be recovered through the restoration process will be added back to the same folder where they were during the time frame you chose to restore to. In case you can’t find emails post the restoration process, consider checking your Trash Folder (Deleted Items) and make sure to move them to the desired folder as they might get automatically deleted again from the trash folder.
  • Possibilities With Restoration Request

  • Yahoo Mail will not restore the emails in the Spam folder.
  • If you are trying to recover emails from marketing mailing lists that include coupons, discounts, and deals, unfortunately, Yahoo Mail doesn’t allow the recovery of such emails.
  • Emails found in the Trash Folder (Deleted Items) will be restored to the Inbox folder only.
  • Emails found in the Sent, Archive, and Draft Folders will be retrieved to their respective folders only.
  • In case an original folder is deleted, emails from that folder will be restored to the Inbox only.
  • Emails recovered from custom folders will be restored to their respective folders only.
  • Once you have considered the above-mentioned conditions and possibilities, you can submit the restore request by following these steps.

    1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account on a computer web browser.
    2. Once you are logged in go to the Restore Request page using the link (
    3. On the Restore Request page, you will need to provide the required information for the relevant options displayed on your screen. These options include:

    Describe the problem

    Select the relevant option from the drop-down menu.

    When did you last see the missing messages?

    Select the appropriate time frame from the drop-down menu.

    Yahoo ID

    Enter your Yahoo ID or Yahoo email address you are contacting us about.

    Email address that you have access to

    Yahoo will contact you using this email address. So, make sure that you can access this email account.

  • robot” option and press the Create Request button.
  • After that, you can wait for the response from Yahoo when the restoration will get completed. You can check your email account for the message from one of the Yahoo specialists.
  • And, this is how you can recover deleted or lost emails from your Yahoo Mail account by submitting the restore request.

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    1. Hello there,

      I recently started to discover that some emails were apparently not being delivered. I checked with the senders and we confirmed they had been sent but not received.

      I solved this problem by creating a new mailbox on a different device that essentially recreated the yahoo mail account.

      Sure enough all the missing emails then appeared.

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