Best Ways to Keep Your Information Safe In Yahoo! Mail

4 Best Ways to Keep Your Information Safe in Yahoo! Mail

Your Yahoo account is a treasure trove of all your personal information, and it’s important to keep it as secure as possible. Well ignoring basic security precautions for your Yahoo account put you in danger and open the entrance of theft, hacking, and an endless barrage of spam. But thanks to Yahoo Mail services, now you can protect your Yahoo! Mail account and keep your information safe. Here we are providing you with the best ways to keep your information safe in Yahoo! Mail. Follow these below provided steps to increase your account security.

#1 Use Yahoo Account Key Feature

With the Account Key Feature, Yahoo standardizes the mailing facilities up to the next level and eases the process of using Yahoo for its users. Now, you can easily log in to your yahoo account without entering a password. Here we provide you step-by-step instructions to enable Yahoo Account Key for your Yahoo! Mail.

  • Log in to your Yahoo! Mail.
  • Tap your profile picture and click on the “Account Info”
  • Now, click on “Account Security” and you will be prompted to next screen, where you need to type your Yahoo email address and click on Next
  • In the next step, you can choose either Sign in using your Yahoo app or Sign in with your password.
  • After this you will get a sign-in request on your Yahoo! mobile app or else just type your password to sign in to your account.
  • Now, click on the “See how it works” option under Secure your account with Yahoo Account Key.
  • Tap on “Send me a notification” and after this click on “Yes, send me a notification”
  • After this, Yahoo will send you a notification on your Yahoo mobile app and you just need to tap on “Yes” to allow access or “No” to deny.
  • Now, head back to the web browser and tap on “Always use Yahoo Answer Key”.
  • Finally, you will receive a message “Yahoo Account Key enabled” to your Yahoo account.

Start using Yahoo! Account Key if you don’t want to remember those traditional passwords for login into your yahoo account.

#2 Set a Strong Password

Setting a strong password will help you to prevent your account from fraud and phishing. In this direction, follow these below-provided steps to upgrade your old Yahoo password strength.

Note: This step is only valid if you don’t want to use Yahoo Account Key.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo account by using your Login credentials.
  • Now, Click on “Account Info” option simply by taping your account profile picture.
  • Then tap on “Account Security” and click the Change Password
  • In the next step, go to the “I would rather change my password”
  • After this, type your new password twice and tap on “Continue” button to complete the steps.

Important Tip: Always use four random words and put them together to form a strong password, like room-sausage-viper-armchair.

#3 Enable Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification is an additional step to protect your Yahoo! Mail account against any suspicious login attempts. It is a security protocol that requires two methods together to gain access to your Yahoo account. It totally works on the technical mechanism, where Yahoo simply sends a verification code on your registered mobile number, whenever you are trying to log in to your Yahoo! Mail account from a new browser or device.

Here we have mentioned complete guidebook instructions to Enable Two-Step Verification in your Yahoo! account:

  • Launch your Yahoo! Mail account and open the Account Security tab on the Account Info page.
  • Now, slide the Toggle button for Two-Step verification into the ON
  • After entering your Mobile Number and choose either Send SMS or Call me option, then Yahoo will send a verification code to your registered mobile number.
  • Once you receive the code, enter it and tap on the Verify

If you access Yahoo Mail in third-party apps (like iOS and Outlook) that don’t support two-step verification, then you need to click on Create app passwords that will allow you to sign in on those apps. Or if you want to skip this process, just tap on Skip for Now.

Note: You can use Two-Step Verification only if your Yahoo Account Key feature is not active.

#4 Practice Safe Online Habits

Follow these below-provided instructions to keep your information safe in Yahoo! Mail.

  • Always Update Your Recovery Information- This feature will enable you to add recovery contact information to your Yahoo account in case you forget your password. Through this trait, you get back into your account via using another email address or phone number. To do this process, go to Account Info> Account Security After this click on the “Add recovery email address” or tap on “Phone numbers” to add a recovery phone number. Once you choose and set the recovery option, Yahoo will send you a Verification Email or SMS on the entered recovery contact information to contact your identity.
  • Follow Some Miscellaneous Tips to Protect Your PC-
  • Use Antivirus software that includes anti spyware
  • Check your security settings and make sure to install any security updates for your operating system promptly
  • Be careful while opening the email attachment
  • Download software only from a source you trust
  • Make Sure to Sign out your Yahoo! account from public computers
  • Beware Phishing Scams- To stay safe from fake messages it is recommended to you don’t fall for Phishing emails or fake messages that want to steal your account information.

And this is how you can keep your Information Safe In Yahoo! Mail via using these above-mentioned tips.

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