How to Fix Spam Filter Issues in Yahoo Mail?


Are you receiving junk emails in the Yahoo Mail inbox or “emails aren’t sent to the correct folder”? Are Yahoo spam filters not working? Read through this article to fix spam filter issues in Yahoo Mail.

What Is Email Spam and What Happens When You Receive in Bulk?

Also referred to as ‘junk email’, email spam is unsolicited and unpleasant emails sent in bulk. This is also called spamming. Such messages serve no purpose except irritating. If you, by mistake, respond to a spam email, spammers will get to know that you use a valid email. They will further add your email to the “Valid Email Addresses” list and may sell that to other spammers.

Receiving unwanted emails is frustrating. But, Yahoo has its spam filters always ready to catch hold of junk emails. However, there are times when these emails slip through and land in the inbox, causing irritation. Since most unsolicited messages contain requests to purchase some unnecessary services and products. Moreover, some email spam even contains viruses, spyware, and malware that might harm your computer and put your data at risk.

Also, most spam messages are commercial. Not only are they annoying and infuriating, but also dangerous because they can lead you to phishing websites through links and attachments.

5 Tips to Fix Spam Filter Issues in Yahoo Mail

Let’s unearth the workarounds to fix spam filter issues in Yahoo Mail.

  1. If Created Empty Filters: Empty filters don’t contain any rules. If you have created one, it will perform the following –
  • Emails will be sent to the inbox if the empty filter is placed at the top of the filter list. Remember, all other filter rules will be voided.
  • “Route messages sent by an email address with an empty character to the inbox”.
  1. If Created Multiple Criteria: If you create multiple filters, create them sensibly. When a filter is created, it uses all the rules to determine which mail to filter. In case, you want all your emails to be filtered that contain Criteria A or B, create 2 filters.
  2. Filter Limitations for IMAP Accounts: If using an IMAP account, filters will work only on disposable or aliases addresses. It won’t work on third-party mailboxes you IMAP in.
  3. Filter Limitations for POP Accounts: Using a POP account lets you download emails from the inbox folder. Adding filters to other folders will not allow your mail client from downloading the messages.
  4. Conflicting Rules: The spam filter in Yahoo Mail is not working, a possible reason could be ‘conflicting rules’.
  • Ensure that there shouldn’t be a conflicting filter above a filter that is not working.
  • Since filters are applied in the list order, you need to be careful and use the up and down arrows to change the order.
  • If possible, try and use “begins with” (positive criteria), and try avoiding “does not contain” (negative criteria).

How to Manage Spam in Yahoo Mail?

If you are consistently troubled by unwanted and unsolicited emails, the following steps will help get rid of spam in your Yahoo Mail.

  1. Mark Emails as ‘Spam’: When you mark a particular email as spam, your system gets to learn that emails or messages from the specific sender are not good, hence it places all the messages in the ‘not good’ list. Next time, the sender sends an email, your Yahoo Mail recognizes the message. It then stops the message from reaching your inbox. To mark an email as spam –
  • In your Yahoo Mail, select the spam email.
  • Click the “Spam” option.

That’s it! You have marked the email as spam. Spammers won’t be able to send you emails anymore.

  1. Mark Emails as ‘Not Spam’: Nothing wrong with that email you received? Great! You can mark the same as ‘not spam’. Here’s how to mark emails as ‘not spam’ –
  • In your Yahoo Mail account, click the folder “spam”. (Don’t find the ‘Spam’ folder option there? Click the “More” option below the “Sent” folder.)
  • Now, you can select the email that you wish to mark as ‘not spam’.
  • After clicking the email, click “Not Spam”. (It should be located at the top of the page.)

By doing this, the sender will be able to land his/ her message in your inbox.

  1. Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists: Have you been receiving emails from websites? And you don’t like them anymore? You can unsubscribe them from the mailing list.
  • Select the “Subscriptions” view on the left side of your inbox.
  • Click the “Unsubscribe” option (under the mailing list)

By following these tips, you will be able to manage spam up to a great extent.

Top Tips to Avoid Spam in Yahoo Mail in the Future?

You can fix spam filter issues in your Yahoo Mail.

You can manage spam in your Yahoo Mail.

Now, do you want some tips to avoid spam? Here are the top tips –

  • If you receive spam, don’t even bother to reply to unknown senders.
  • Try and avoid signing up with websites that make big promises to bring you rewards or something like that.
  • Careful while giving your email address.

Need technical support? Get in touch with the industry-trained professionals at Yahoo Customer Support 24/7.

2 thoughts on “How to Fix Spam Filter Issues in Yahoo Mail?

  1. Why do genuine emails get into the spam folder? Some are from email ids that are in my address book. My wife’s mail ended up in the spam folder today.

    And the mail search does not include the spam folder anymore. Which means I have to manually go through a whole bunch of messages. Why was the ability to search spam messages removed?

    Personally I think Yahoo as a company needs to become defunct. Useless management and useless service.

  2. “If Created Empty Filters” is gibberish, as is most of this article. What are you trying to say? Does anybody there speak English?

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