How to Discover Yahoo IP Address

Find Yahoo IP Address

Trouble accessing Yahoo!’s website? If yes, then use the IP Address of the website to open it. An IP address is a logical identifying number used to recognize every activity in the network. Through an IP address, you can reach and contact the website without any hustle. In most cases when you type on your web browser but can’t reach the site, it’s frustrating though, isn’t it? Well to defeat the situation, you just need to enter the Yahoo IP address in the address bar and gain access.

Reasons to lose the Access-

You must lack website access due to several problems as follows-

  • Problem with your web browser.
  • Sometimes antivirus program plays the major cause to block your access from Yahoo.
  • Corrupted DNS cache might be stopping you to load the URL of the Yahoo website.
  • The particular website server is down.

Well in this manner, here we are providing you with the complete details of Yahoo! IP Addresses Ranges and enabling you to solve the issue within a couple of minutes.

Yahoo! IP Address Ranges

Here are some IP ranges that should be used to reach the Yahoo website through its IP address:

  • 191.122.70
  • 191.88.254
  • 190.36.45
  • 137.149.56
  • 30.2.43
  • 147.125.65
  • 195.160.76

The IP address that you use to reach the website may depend on your physical location.

Steps to Find and Ping Yahoo IP Address-

In order to find out the accessing problem, first, you need to know the process to get a Yahoo IP address. Read this guidebook instructions as mentioned below-

  • To begin with go to the Start button (window icon) presented at the bottom left side of your display and click to open it.
    Find Yahoo IP Address
  • In the next step, type Command Prompt to open your Computer’s Command Prompt Panel.
    Find Yahoo IP Address
  • After this, a new screen will appear on your display with some sort of necessary information.
    Find Yahoo IP Address
  • Now, you have to type ping in the Command Prompt like this- C:\Users\Admin>ping www.yahooo.comFind Yahoo IP Address
  • Once you have entered the above-mentioned details in a Command Prompt, tap the Enter Key to access all the information.
    Find Yahoo IP Address

How to Reach Yahoo-

Here we have mentioned some sort of possible solutions to regain your Yahoo access within a couple of minutes, as follows-

  • Use an IP-based URL may help you to bypass such connection restrictions. All you need to do is access the Yahoo through
  • Use different web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera to resolve the accessing issue.
  • Disable your antivirus program.

So, this is how you can find the Yahoo IP Address and reach the website without any hustle.

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