How to Access free Yahoo Mail in Mac OS X Mail?

Steps to Access Mac OS X Mail

Are you one of those who want to access their Mac Os X Mail with Free Yahoo service? If yes, then no need to worry as here we have mentioned probably the easiest steps to configure these settings in your device. Although, in order to make the below-mentioned steps successful, you need to use the … Continue reading “How to Access free Yahoo Mail in Mac OS X Mail?”

Complete Steps to use Yahoo Mail Account on iPhone

Steps to Use Yahoo Mail in Yahoo

There are multiple ways to use Yahoo Mail on your iPhone. Either you can access Yahoo! simply by downloading the mail application or using it through Aloha or Chrome web browsers. But do you know there is one more way to use Yahoo! Mail? Yes, you heard it right; through the iPhone Mail app, you … Continue reading “Complete Steps to use Yahoo Mail Account on iPhone”

How to Discover Yahoo IP Address

Find Yahoo IP Address

Trouble accessing Yahoo!’s website? If yes, then use the IP Address of the website to open it. An IP address is a logical identifying number used to recognize every activity in the network. Through an IP address, you can reach and contact the website without any hustle. In most cases when you type on … Continue reading “How to Discover Yahoo IP Address”

Steps to Find IP Address of an Email Sender in Yahoo! Mail

IP Address of the sender in Yahoo! Mail

When you receive an email, it contains Internet headers full of important information related to the sender and the path of crossed mail servers before reaching up in your inbox. However, in most cases, you get a suspicious email that looks like a legitimate one to make you fool because the attacker use forged information … Continue reading “Steps to Find IP Address of an Email Sender in Yahoo! Mail”

How to Configure Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings?

How to Configure Yahoo SMTP Settings

Yahoo is a very popular email service provider that allows its users to send emails from different email clients (for example Outlook, Gmail, AOL Mail, etc) through the Yahoo SMTP server. If you send emails through Yahoo’s servers, you have to set up SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), an outgoing server correctly before you initiate … Continue reading “How to Configure Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings?”

Guide to Auto Forward Yahoo Emails to Other Email Address

Yahoo Email Forwarding

Managing multiple email accounts is now accessible to use, thanks to Yahoo Mail Forwarding Feature now you can connect your Yahoo Mail with your Gmail Address within a few minutes. As the feature allows you to forward and access all incoming emails from your Yahoo account to your Gmail one automatically, so you don’t miss … Continue reading “Guide to Auto Forward Yahoo Emails to Other Email Address”

How To Recover Deleted, Lost, Or Missing Yahoo Emails?

When you delete an email in your Yahoo Mail account, it gets moved to the Trash Folder (Deleted Items) of your email account. As emails in the Trash Folder are kept for 7 days before getting automatically removed, you can retrieve them easily. However, if you moved an email to a certain folder and you … Continue reading “How To Recover Deleted, Lost, Or Missing Yahoo Emails?”

Fixed: Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome

yahoomail not working chrome

Coming from the house of the world’s leading search engine giant, Google, Chrome web browser is considered the most advanced web browser available to the user. Available for a variety of platforms like desktop, tablet, mobile device, laptop, etc., you can easily surf the internet using Chrome. Whether you wish to use it for streaming … Continue reading “Fixed: Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome”

How to Add Custom Background to Yahoo Email Messages?


Apart from the regular features and functionalities that almost every email service offers to its users, Yahoo Mail is one such email service that goes beyond as it offers users the option to personalize their email account. If you wish to personalize the background of your Yahoo Email messages, you can easily do so by … Continue reading “How to Add Custom Background to Yahoo Email Messages?”

How to Close and Reactivate your Yahoo Mail Account?


Whether you have multiple Yahoo Mail accounts or you don’t find it useful enough for your needs, no matter the reason you have, if you are looking to do away with your Yahoo Mail account, you can easily terminate it by following the step-by-step instructions provided below. The following guide will provide you information on … Continue reading “How to Close and Reactivate your Yahoo Mail Account?”